Actuarial, Consulting, and Benefit Administration

Unbiased- We are independent and unbiased as to client recommendation. We support all varieties of retirement programs with our own staff.          

Experienced- Our professional team of actuaries,  attorneys & accountants average in excess of 20 years per professional in the ERISA area.

High Touch- While having depth often seen only at national firms, we offer high personal touch solutions to all of our clients.

At Jacob, Haxton & Boord our business is helping you manage all aspects of your retirement plan, using the most creative innovation and technology available. Jacob, Haxton & Boord has been providing this service to our plan sponsors for over 40 years.We help our Plan Sponsor clients to understand that, while the performance of investments is critical, there are other aspects that are also important.  Among these are Plan design and documentation (ensuring the Plan meets the needs of the business), Plan compliance (ensuring the Plan is run in a prudent manner), and communication to Plan Participants (enhancing employees’ understanding and appreciation of the Plan). Our goal is to provide superior service and support in all of these areas, utilizing a management style that promotes absolute excellence from each and every one of our associates.

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